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    • Jan8Sun

      Restart: Your Relationship with God

      January 8, 2017
      Filed Under:
      Love God, Sundays, Teaching
      Each new year presents us with a clean slate, a fresh opportunity to restart what we may have neglected or left undone the year prior. Life gets busy. Our resolve dissipates. And our priorities get turned upside down. As 2017 gets underway, we have a chance to reorient our lives around the one thing that matters above all else: our relationship with God.
    • Dec6Tue

      Total Surrender

      December 6, 2016
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      Love God
      Jesus made it crystal clear that the only way we can really love God is by total surrender. We must come out of the dark cave of selfishness with our hands in the air, lay down our weapons and unconditionally surrender. Of course, that is extremely hard to do when we’ve been hiding from God our entire life.