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    • Each new year presents us with a clean slate, a fresh opportunity to restart what we may have neglected or left undone the year prior. As life gets busy, our resolve often dissipates and our priorities get turned upside down. As we hit the reset button during the first few weeks of 2017, let's remember that our efforts to change the world start right here at home, with our gathering.
    • Dec3Sat

      Be a Risk-Taker

      December 3, 2016
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      Change the World
      Changing the world is risky business. Jesus took a risk and invested his ministry life in twelve guys, and one of them betrayed him. God has invested deeply in you. He has given you life, resources, love, opportunities, and his image. Then, he trusts you with free will, and that’s extremely risky, considering how often we misuse this precious gift.