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    • Dec6Tue

      Total Surrender

      December 6, 2016
      Filed Under:
      Love God
      Jesus made it crystal clear that the only way we can really love God is by total surrender. We must come out of the dark cave of selfishness with our hands in the air, lay down our weapons and unconditionally surrender. Of course, that is extremely hard to do when we’ve been hiding from God our entire life.
    • Dec4Sun

      The Story of Christmas

      December 4, 2016
      Filed Under:
      Sundays, Teaching
      Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, the embodiment of all that is good and right and true. By believing and following Him, we receive God's gift of grace. Christmas is the story of God's unstoppable love, a love so fierce, so determined that nothing, not even the constraints of being human, could stand in its way.
    • Dec3Sat

      Be a Risk-Taker

      December 3, 2016
      Filed Under:
      Change the World
      Changing the world is risky business. Jesus took a risk and invested his ministry life in twelve guys, and one of them betrayed him. God has invested deeply in you. He has given you life, resources, love, opportunities, and his image. Then, he trusts you with free will, and that’s extremely risky, considering how often we misuse this precious gift.
    • Dec1Thu

      Celebrate Life

      December 1, 2016
      Filed Under:
      Love Others
      Jesus made a habit of celebrating life. His very first miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding feast. He loved life and it was contagious. When people were too tired and hungry to walk home after listening to him he decided to invite five thousand of them to a picnic where he provided all the fish and chips they could eat.
    • Nov28Mon

      Yes, You Can!

      November 28, 2016
      Filed Under:
      Love Others
      When God looks at you he says, “Yes you can.” God believes in your ability. He created you and knows better than anyone else what you are capable of doing. He wants you to become far more than you have ever dreamed of becoming. You are his unique creation and there will never be another one just like you.